Childcare Seminars

Survival Skills for the Single Parent in the Work Force

This workshop offers tips for single parents on how to get everything done with limited time and resources. Learn how to prevent stress overload.

The Juggling Act: Balancing Work and Family

Any working parent knows how difficult it is to balance work and family life. You constantly juggle the different roles you must play. This seminar offers insights into the many responsibilities working parents face and gives you specific information on how to make the juggling act easier.

Getting Ready for Summer: Care Options for School-Age Children

Every year the need for summer care for school-age children sneaks up on us, and before we know it, the school year is over. This seminar, best scheduled in March and April, offers information on options for summer care in the metropolitan Atlanta area. It also outlines specific issues you should explore or be concerned about when researching programs.

Home Alone: You and Your Latchkey Child

Find out how to prepare yourselves, your children, and your home to ensure a safe, secure, and positive latchkey environment. This session helps employees evaluate their child's readiness for self-care and make the best informed decisions.

Listening to Children: The Tool that Motivates

Developing human potentiality is an infinitely complex process. Effective listening that focuses on the positives and communicates acceptance, humor, and hope goes a long way toward helping motivate children to cooperate in a family or stimulating them to learn at school. The session focuses on effective listening techniques.