College Planning Seminars

Today's Choices Can Be Confusing

Today's choices can be confusing when parents or grandparents are deciding how to save for private school or college. Learn the differences between today's available tax-advantaged options and why one option might be more appropriate for you than another.

The Road to College

Discover the factors that college admissions counselors use when they consider candidates. Learn the factors that families and students should consider in selecting a college and strategies for gaining admission into the schools of choice.

The Road to Graduate School or Getting into Graduate School

Learn how to prepare to get into graduate school, when to start, and how to apply.

College Admissions

Unearth important facts about the increasingly competitive college admissions process and what you need to know. Find out about the strategies and methods of preparing for the SATs.

Making the Grade: 
A Step-by-Step Guide to Funding College Education

Understand the New Educational IRA, custodial accounts, HOPE Scholarship credits, and the Lifetime Learning credit. Focus on three key steps to funding a college education: identifying how much you will need, establishing a savings plan, and implementing an investment strategy.

Understanding Funding College

Discuss financial aid, grants and scholarships and how an admissions counselor uses your FAFSA form to guide decisions.