Eldercare Seminars

Community Resources for the Elderly

Help employees understand and find available resources before they need them in a crisis situation. A geriatric care manager will discuss the differences among personal care homes, nursing homes, retirement communities, home health agencies, in-home agencies, and other eldercare resources. You will also discuss the role of the care manager.

Accessing Services for the Elderly

An overview of senior services will highlight resources and assistance in finding answers before you need them. You will discuss appropriate referrals and how to deal with crisis management.

My House, Your House, Our House: The Changing Face of Senior Housing

Explore the many housing options for seniors - nursing homes, retirement communities, personal care and assisted living facilities, subsidized senior housing, and other settings.

Preparing the Pocketbook: The Cost of Long-Term Care Insurance

Find out what you can expect from a long-term insurance policy. You will learn what to ask when purchasing insurance and when to buy it.

It's All So Confusing; What Do I Need?: Legal Issues Associated with Aging

Examine the different legal documents typically associated with the needs of seniors and attendees and learn how and where you can access them. The documents you will review include a durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney, living wills, and living trusts.

You and Your Aging Parent: The Process of Aging

Answer questions about the realities and expectations of normal and abnormal aging. Some topics include Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia, simple forgetfulness, medication, and diet.

The Insurance Maze: Medicare, Medicaid, SSI and Long-Term Care

Discuss the various insurance options including how much health insurance is needed and the best time to purchase it. 

Eldercare Transitions Program: Telephonic Coaching Sessions

Three sessions provide support and guidance through the aging process.  Take just one or any combination that interests you. Sessions include: The Planning Stage, When Care Needs Begin, Late Stage/End of Life Decisions. Click here for more details.


Help Is on the Way: Care for the Caregivers

Identify and learn realistic ways to alleviate the stress of being a caregiver and how to balance aging parents, children, work, and home responsibilities. It's more than mere time management.

Protecting Your Elder's Assets

Discover the many ways to protect financial and sentimental assets. An eldercare attorney discusses the following questions: Does Medicare cover the cost of nursing home care? How do I qualify for Medicaid assistance without spending my life savings at a nursing home? Is it legal to transfer assets to the children?

Caring for an Aging Parent

For most people, it is inevitable at some point that adult children change roles and must care for their parent. This information-packed presentation offers practical advice yet inspiring stories about making this transition. It describes various resources available in Metro Atlanta and discusses how to address emotional issues that this transition stirs.

The Sandwich Generation: Are You Getting Chewed Up?

Addressing the needs of an aging parent and getting your child to the soccer field are among the logistical hurdles many people face today. This insightful presentation offers tips to help you navigate this journey. Gain insights into the dynamics that are alive in this situation, gain practical tips and advice on resources, and understand the importance of setting boundaries. The bottom line - our presenter inspires you to care for yourself while caring for others.

Alzheimer's Disease: The Facts, Myth, and Reality

Understand the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, the progression of the disease, and current research. Learn about all aspects of the disease and how it differs from other forms of dementia.

Mapping Your Future Your Way: Imagining Retirement

Explore retirement planning that goes beyond traditional financial planning. Learn about lifelong planning for financing retirement and long-term care, and discuss health, housing, work and leisure, and relationships to round out your planning for post-retirement living. This session gives you information and resources for present and future planning efforts and encourages you to start planning early for retirement.