Corporate Services

Let us do your legwork

We help your employees find reliable information, giving them the tools they need to be better consumers of work-life services.
We help relieve the pressure of not knowing where to start, where to go, or what questions to ask during critical times of their lives.
Our work helps make your employees happier, healthier, and more productive for your company.

How we help your employees...

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our professionally staffed call center and our website give your employees the knowledge, assistance, and resources to address their unique personal and professional needs. When your employees call us for help, we search our database for suitable providers and resources, we send them information to help evaluate providers and resources, and we contact them to determine if our information has met their needs.

How we help you …

Work-Life Referrals
Because we know how difficult it is for employees to balance work and family, our Family Referral Partnership — a unique, 24-hour call-in partnership — links employees who need dependent care resources with our skilled work-life consultants. Read More

We offer you customized benefits management solutions and work personally with your executive management and human resources, personnel, and benefit departments to solve your particular problems and fill your needs. Read More

Executive Recruitment for the Childcare Industry
BrownRichards understands the challenge of quality childcare and how quality leadership is the key to success. With decades of connections in the field and a deep understanding of best practices in early care and learning, we are uniquely positioned to conduct your executive search. Read More

Professional Development
Our team of expert facilitators conduct lively, highly-interactive sessions covering childcare, leadership, parenting, wellness, and eldercare. We can design learning events that meet your organization’s needs, from 1-hour seminars to multi-day conferences. We also offer a train-the-trainer course if you want to develop your own in-house resources.