Financial Seminars

Mapping Your Future Your Way:
Imagining Retirement

Explore retirement planning that goes beyond traditional financial planning. Learn about lifelong planning for financing retirement and long-term care, and discuss health, housing, work and leisure, and relationships to round out your planning for post-retirement living. This session gives you information and resources for present and future planning efforts and encourages you to start planning early for retirement.

Retirement and Your Future:
What Every Person Needs to Know

Be prepared for a long voyage. Is the amount you are putting aside for retirement even close to being enough to support you for the 25 to 35 years you may be retired? How realistic are your thoughts about how much income you will actually need? Do you know anyone who has had to go back to work? Beware of the simplified website retirement engines or you most likely will miss the mark. Learn what you need to know about the facts, assumptions, and myths about retirement planning.

Decisions for the Retiring Professional

Apprehensive or excited about retiring? For the first time in history, longevity is a formidable retirement risk. When moving from working professional to retiree, the real challenge is determining ahead of time appropriate investment strategies, orchestrating them to meet short- and long-term income needs, and tying it all together with your desire to leave an estate to those you love. Learn about the responsibility of making a few of the most important, and possibly irreversible, financial decisions of your lifetime.

Estate Planning: 
Why You Can't Afford to Put This Off Anymore

Why have beneficiary designations become so important? Do you need to look at powers of attorney and why? Why has the focus on estate planning changed from protecting one's assets to preserving family values? Are you certain that what you want to happen when you die will occur? What will your children's life be like? How much stress and pressure have you unwittingly put on your family by not planning for the future? Join in a frank discussion about the necessity of estate planning.

Sudden Retirement

When faced with unexpected life transitions, often the financial decisions that you must make can be overwhelming. Making not only an appropriate decision but also a right decision can be a daunting task at best. Learn what options are available and how tax consequences affect your retirement plan. Should you try to find another job? How are your options different? What do you need to know? Can you pull from your retirement plan now? Get objective advice before you make an irreversible decision that can negatively impact your future.

Am I Over-Insured or Under-Insured?

Life insurance addresses certain needs at key times in people's lives. As your life, family, and circumstances change, so do your insurance needs. Many people have policies that cover an amount that they quickly chose but that have little relevance to today's needs. Others may have been encouraged by an insurance company representative to buy a certain amount and type of coverage long ago and they have had the same policy ever since. Learn why and how you should plan for appropriate life insurance coverage.