Health and Fitness

Food, Exercise, and Heart Health

Eating right and finding time for fitness is an important component of good health. Learn about healthy diets and exercise and how to keep your heart healthy. Discuss health risks, including both controllable and uncontrollable health factors.

Surviving and Thriving Amid Stress

This highly-interactive presentation guides you to a better understanding of the sources of stress in your life and gives you practical tools you can use after the presentation. Gain a new perspective on your stress and how your own life choices either increase or decrease the stress in your life. Leave feeling empowered that you have more control than you thought you had.

The Challenges and Rewards of a Committed Relationship

If your most challenging relationships are with your spouse or partner or others who are closest to you, you are not alone. Research about marriage can guide us and we can learn from the experience of others. By facing the challenges of a committed relationship, you can discover its rewards.

What Are the Holiday Blues?

Holidays can often be stressful and demanding. Identify common causes of stress, symptoms of depression, and strategies to cope during this time.

Family Mealtime: 
It's Worth the Effort

Learn the benefits of family mealtime and strategies to help your family make time spent together at the table a priority.

Entertaining with Ease

Who has time to entertain? Gather tips to prepare delicious recipes ahead of time so you can serve your guests and entertain with ease.

Cook for a Day, Eat for a Week!

With just one session in the kitchen, you can discover how to cook meals for the week ahead.

Meals in Minutes

Make meals in minutes, even if you come home from work without a plan for dinner. These kitchen strategies will give you great meals you can prepare quickly.

Meal Planning 101

Preparation is the best time-saver strategy in the kitchen. Learn how to incorporate meal planning into your schedule to save you lots of time in the kitchen.