New Parent Transitions Program

The New Parent Transition Program is designed to provide new, veteran, and adoptive parents with the tools, resources, and live support needed to balance their home and work life. The program’s intention is to help parents organize their daily expectations, create new routines, and manage all of the responsibilities that come with being parents.  Telephonic coaching sessions can be taken alone or any combination that interests you.  Sessions inlcude: Expecting a New Baby, Staying Home With Baby, Balancing Work and Baby.  Click here for more details

Positive Guidance and Your Child's Self-Esteem

Discuss the roles of positive guidance as an ongoing process to develop self-discipline in your child. The session is not about techniques for controlling or managing your child's behavior.

Babies and Their Amazing Brains!

Neuroscience and babies? Yes. Learn about the new brain research, how the brain develops, and how its earliest connections lay the foundations for a child's life. Explore how parents can enhance their child's life, health, growth, development, and potential.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families

Based on the profound insights of author Stephen R. Covey, this workshop focuses on the primary concern of society today ? the family. You will learn how to use Covey's 7 Habits to build the kind of strong, loving family that lasts for generations.

Communicating for Better Family Relationships

Communication paves the road to cooperation. Nearly every parent has asked why children can seem uncooperative. Through active communication between parent and child, children learn that ?two heads are better than one.? When we solve problems cooperatively, we find better solutions. This translates into more satisfaction and harmony for the entire family.

Adoption Seminar

Figuring out what kind of adoption is right for you can be daunting. Gather information about various adoption options ? domestic infant, international, independent, and special need adoptions. Have your questions answered about adoption fees, the adoption home study process, and how to pick a reputable agency. Better understand the levels of openness and legal risks associated with adoptions in the U.S.