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8/2/2011 - Tues
The Adoption Process
Thinking about adopting? Learn the process, costs and requirements for adopting

9/1/2011 - Thurs
Planning for Caregiving
Care Giving Begins: family conversations, elder and family conversations, organizing details

10/4/2011 - Tues
Children & Finances
Raising financially responsible children: techniques to help your child develop money sense and confidence

11/3/2011 - Thurs
Medicare & Medicaid
The ins and outs of Medicare & Medicaid—how to use all the benefits available

12/6/2011 - Tues
Effective Parenting
Learn the seven habits of highly effective families

1/12/2012 - Thurs
Tips for a Tax Smart Future
Tips on tax savings: Income Tax Overview, How to Check Your Withholding, How a 401K Can Save You Money, Tax Credit vs. Tax Deduction

2/7/2012 - Tues
Aging in Place
Tips to age in place safely---making home changes to help with the changes as we get older. It is never too early to look at home safety.

3/6/2012 - Tues
Dealing with Difficult People
Tips on how to effectively deal with difficult people in both your work life and personal life.

4/12/2012 - Thurs
Prep for College--Middle School and High School
Tips on how to guide your child/student to prepare for college from Middle School through High School.


5/10/2012 - Thurs
Identity Theft: Prevention & Resolution

Discussion on the ID Theft Crisis, ID Theft Prevention, The Need for ID Theft Assistance & What To Do If You Are a Victim

6/7/2012 - Thurs
Keeping your Brain Healthy
What can you do to keep your brain healthy? Tips and techniques cover everything from nutrition to exercise to games, sleep, stress relief and some new ideas.

7/10/2012 - Tues
Sleep: A how to!
Tips to help you have a good, peaceful nights sleep every night.